Sara Porter Photography


Sara Porter Photography is a Hayfield based photography business, run by Sara Porter. Sara has had a love for photography since the age of 9. As a teenager, she loved the photography in magazines such as ‘Sky’. As photography wasn’t seen as a career as Sara grew up – more of a hobby – she studied science at university. Sara also has a degree in Psychology which she believes influences her art work; she says this gives her an insight into the way people think, helping her to relate to the customer. After university, Sara became a Chemistry teacher but still had a passion for photography. She continued it as a part-time thing, but as Sara got more and more requests to photograph for weddings and portraits, she decided to follow her dream and become a photographer.


Sara likes working on projects that involve a lot of variation, from Weddings to Commercial and Portrait to Fashion. Sara talked to us about the highlights of each. She likes the freedom that comes with commercial photography, as most of it is down to the photographer. She also loves working on her own artwork even though she doesn’t have a lot of time to fit it in, as she is constantly doing photography.


Sara likes meeting different people and also being able to travel in her job. Photography, she says, is perfect for shy people, as it gives them a chance “to hide behind the camera” or “a reason to talk to people”.


We hear from her that, to be a good photographer, you have to be able to make the customer happy and give them good memories about their experience with her. If Sara can give the client a happy day and a great experience, this will reflect in the pictures she takes. Sara Porter is an award winning photographer, but she says “there are many good photographers that don’t even put themselves forward for awards’. Although helpful for commercial work as a recognition of a skilled photographer, awards are no mark of a friendly and charismatic worker – two things that Sara says are very important. Apparently, you can be the best photographer in the world, but have no rapport with the client, making their experience truly miserable. Professional equipment, in Sara’s opinion, also isn’t necessary, as “anyone can create a beautiful image”.


Most photographs Sara takes are digital – which is vital for weddings, where you need to be able to instantly look back – but she also enjoys using film. Sara believes there is “something magical” about seeing the picture emerge from the chemical reaction. Even though film is very expensive, Sara began with black and white film, and still loves to work with it whenever she has the chance.


She also adds a very personal touch to the work she does by having a chat with all her clients before the shoot. This gives her an insight into the type of thing they want, and makes them more comfortable. Another way she does this is if say she’s doing a wedding she will show the clients the photos as she goes along. Sara is far from the stereotype arty photographer (full of themselves and obsessed their own ‘image’), and is in fact incredibly down-to-earth and friendly.


Sara’s facebook page contains a ‘Macro Quiz’ album, which is where she takes a close up of an object, and people have to guess what it is. Not only does this help with marketing and creating interest, it also helps Sara’s close-up photography skills.


We asked Sara what advice she would have for any young aspiring photographers and she replied by saying “just get out there” and that “practice makes perfect”. “If there is an image you like, create a replica of it; you’ll then understand how that image was created, and it’ll help improve your skills."


We believe Sara Porter creates some beautiful images with an incredibly personal touch, and it’s clear Sara has a love of what she is doing and also has a great eye for photography, from the way she talks about her job.

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