New Mills Golf Club reviewed by Yasmin Redfearn

New Mills Golf Club review by Yasmin Redfearn


New Mills Golf Club is an 18 hole course, that has been around for just over 100 years, and attracts lots of different types of people. I didn’t feel welcomed into the clubhouse as I arrived, as it seemed to be all members though I'm sure if you were into golf it would be a great place to go. The members appeared to want to keep themselves to themselves, though when asking to speak to some of them, I realised they were all lovely people but they still had a reserved manner about them. It also felt that none of the members wanted to express themselves too forthrightly in case they upset the top tier management. I understood why they said this as many of the members are friends with the top tier and also they look up to them. I believe the club tries to involve more people though by holding such events such as charity days and social events.


We visited during their July charity day, where there was a raffle and the chance to give a donation. We first spoke to Ray Farrell who was a playing member for many years, though is now a social member. He told us what inspired them to start doing charity events, and about how the charity day was in memory of a member named Alan Jones, who died after long illness, and near the end of his life had stayed in Ashgate Hospice. The money raised on the charity day was being split with Ashgate Hospice and New Mills Volunteer Centre who organise a variety of activities for old people and selected groups.


Recently the Golf Club appointed a new Steward and Stewardess (John and Liz), and when talking to long time members we found that they are very impressed with the new staff, believeing that they are doing a great job in attracting new people into the clubhouse, trying out new things, which is a great benefit to the financial side of the club. They also think that the food has improved a great deal too.


The top management have also changed recently and now the club is running on a two tier management system. The members believe this is a good way of managing the club but when talking to Frank Bullough for example, he reflected a wider held view that there needed to be more interaction between the top tier and the members. Frank has been a member since 1969, and loves the atmosphere in the clubhouse and I agree with this as it is full of lively banter and you get a feeling of them being one unit.


After speaking to Frank, we spoke to Jean Heald, who also had positive things to say about the golf club as she has been a social member for the past 20 years. She told us she has seen many changes in the past year such as new bar staff and a better atmosphere, but like most of the people we talked to she believes there is still room for improvement, such as a need for more junior and women players.


We also spoke to Liz the new Stewardess, who cooks all the meals for anyone that comes in to the clubhouse, and was very easy to speak to - just the kind of person you would want serving you her fresh homemade food. Liz has an aim to bring new people to the golf club and also to attract more social events, and would quite like to build a new conservatory that the golfers can go in, with their shoes on, leaving the main clubhouse for events. She is very keen on the idea of young people going up to the club house to play musical instruments at a bistro night for example.

Overall I believe the changes over the past year have made a great improvement to the club such as better food, more social events and lively bar staff. The Golf Club is not just a great place for anyone wanting to play golf to visit but also a great venue for social events once you overcome your prejudices.

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