New Mills Golf Club review by Hannah Mason


At the Alan (Mick) Jones charity event hosted at New Mills Golf Club, we sat down and enjoyed some lovely chips served to us in the clubhouse, which is surrounded by the lovely green fields and 18 playing holes. After plucking up the courage, we went around and spoke to members of the Golf Club about how they felt about the new Stewards, and how they felt about the Golf Club in general. Everyone we spoke to praised it as something of a second home.


Firstly, we spoke to Ray Farrell who has been a playing member for many years, but now is just a social member. When we asked him about his opinion on the new stewards, he said he thought they are bringing more to the Golf Club after the previous stewards seemed to give up towards the end of their tenure. I think that is understandable as the old stewards had been there for many years. Ray continued about how the new stewards are bringing more business to the golf club and holding more events such as birthday parties, bistro nights, music nights, weddings, christenings and funerals. The food has also been improved and everyone was telling us how it will draw in new people. We also spoke to Frank Bullough and Jean Heald who both said pretty much the same as Ray - that they feel the new stewards are doing well and will help the Golf Club in many ways.


My opinion on the Golf Club was that the charity event was a great idea to raise money for Ashgate Hospice in memory of Alan, a popular member who sadly passed away. Unfortunately the charity event was rather quiet and could have done with more advertising to draw more people in, because I noticed more or less everyone there was either a member or a member's close friend. More advertising would have helped as I only knew about it through Simon Belt, a member at the Golf Club. When we walked in I personally felt uncomfortable but this may just be because I'm shy, but after speaking to the members there, I realised they are lovely, make you feel like part of the family and were happy to welcome us in. When the members found out Kathrine could play Piano to a high standard, they encouraged her to play for them and when she did play us a tune, Kathrine received a warm applause from the members sat there. This helped warm me to the members and showed me that they were not quite as scary as I thought they might be.


After our musical break, we got speaking to more members as they were happy to answer our questions, although some did seem to not want to be too critical for fear of upsetting the management. I am sure this was just to protect their feelings as many of them were close friends of theirs. After speaking to the new Steward Liz, who was a happy and bubbly woman serving all fresh homemade food, we could see she felt this is a very important element to draw people in. Liz told us she was hoping to get live music playing at Bistro evenings, inviting Kathrine to go and audition with her friends, and I feel this is a great idea to help get many more people to visit the Golf Club.


With the new stewards and the new management structure, I am hopeful that they will continue to bring a breath of fresh air in to the Golf Club, advertising it more and getting more local people involved, who will be able to bring new life in to the Golf Club, ensuring the continued success of the Golf Club in the years to come. Keep a look out for events on the New Mills Golf Club website, or how to become a member, because we were told that new members, especially juniors and women, are always welcome.

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