A trip to Rik will do the trick!

A trip to Rik will do the trick!

Autotech Whaley BridgeAll of the small businesses we've interviewed have surprised us with how passionate they all were to promote their businesses and how they genuinely care for their customers. Although garages and mechanics aren't really mine and Molly's thing, we took on the challenge to find out about and write about Rik Maxwell's business.

Rik's business, Autotech in Whaley Bridge was chosen by Simon Belt, our taskmaster boss for the week, as his wife chats to Rik's girlfriend on the train to and from work - an example of informal business networking if ever there was! It turned out though that it wasn't completely random as Rik also helps New Mills school students with work placements and apprenticeships.

During our visit, we found out why Rik wanted to own his own business and not work for a different larger company, 'I wanted to be my own boss, and not get told what to do' said Rik. The reason for this was that Rik wanted to ensure every decision was the correct one and to make sure the work he did on cars was what the customer really needed and they were treated fairly, especially as many don't know much about modern cars. Rik's prices are very fair not being too dear, but not extremly cheap which is a great deal considering he puts so much work into ensuring every car is fixed perfectly.

Rik was trained up as an apprentice himself at another garage - starting off as a paint sprayer, to became a fully trained mechanic, so after opening his own business Rik then went on to train up young apprentices himself from around the age of 16. His most recent apprentice is a young lad from New Mills school, who now works for Rik, who currently manages 3 members of staff as well as himself.

Autotech Whaley BridgeRik feels more successful than ever, and promotes his business constantly through radio, local papers, and a website linking up with the top mechanic business Bosch, allowing Autotech to sell products designed and made by Bosch. We asked Rik if the recession had affected his business in any way and he didn't think so as his customers still come to him, presumably because his prices are so reasonable and work so reliable.

As the business has been in Whaley Bridge for so many years, Autotech has deservidly earned itself a great reputation which is key to its success. And as the Garage is on a main road (Long Hill), it is easy to find and tends to advertise itself as people drive by constantly. Rik may have decided to chose Whaley Bridge to set up his business due to the difficulty of getting a garage in New Mills, but this hasn't held him back from developing a successful business.

To find out more about Rik's service you should phone him on 01663 734844.

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