Golf club has charity day down to a tee!

Golf club has charity day down to a tee!

Ray and NormanWe attended a charity day at New Mills golf club, for a man called Allen (Mick) Jones who sadly died from salmonella on a holiday in Portugal 3 and a half years ago. Mick, who was the life and soul of the party, had set up charity days at the golf club in the past and his preffered charity was the Ashgate Hospice in North Derbyshire, that provides specialist care for people who are dealing with the problems associated with a life-limiting illness.


Over the past two years, around £5000 has been raised and split between the Ashgate Hospice and the Alzheimer's Society, helping towards care and research costs. It has become more successfull each time, with a established reputation and a growing attendance. This year in the region of £2300 was raised, from entrance fees, tombola, raffle, club cleaning and photographs, with people attending from London and other areas. 


We interviewed two men Ray Farrell and Norman Heald, who knew Mick well and to help promote the charity day, they produced leaflets and posters to send to other clubs in Derbyshire. They were very impressed with the support from local areas and this year was more successful than ever. The event helped promote small businesses, including a golf club cleaning business, with most of his proceeds going to the charity.


Golf Club Charity DayThe charity day was also a great oppurtunity for men and women to get together to play a competetive game of golf. This seemed very successful on the day. Tim hensel attended, to photograph the golf, with some help from his collegue and they produced stand alone photo's of each fourball and individual portraits of each player teeing off with the fourball image inset and made up as the front cover of a golfing magazine. He donated 10% of his proceeds to the charity.


Despite the fact that Molly's Dad and Uncle are golfers, I would tend to think that golf clubs were full of selfish men, who didn't really care about anything but golf. When met by the smiling faces of the welcoming committee on the front desk my perceptions started to soften. The more people we spoke to and the more genuine warmth we experienced, the more I questioned where I got such views from. When interviewing life member Frank Bullough, we asked him what he would like to gain most from this day and he said: "I want people to see that golf clubs aren't as selfish as they think..." The support from local areas proves the point that Frank was trying to put across.


We highly enjoyed the day and hope to attend next year!


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