Nobody nose how to breathe like Janet!

Breathing Remedies

Nobody nose how to breathe like Janet!

As part of their work experience 3 Year 10 students from New Mills School Business and Enterprise College, Danielle, Danny and Molly, took on the challenge of interviewing some local business people and writing articles for the New Mills Web website about those businesses.


They started this process with Janet Winter, a Buteyko breathing practitioner trading as Breathing Remedies based in Furness Vale. Janet often attends the Business Network meetings organised by New Mills School, and was intrigued to hear what they would ask her. This article explains what they found out about Janet's use of the Buteyko breathing method to help people with asthma and other breathing difficulties.


Janet Winter had suffered from increasingly debilitating migraines for 20 years, initially treated with drugs, which became less effective over time. After 5 years of searching for other ways of controlling the migraines, Janet was even prepared to pay for surgery to close a hole in her heart (patent foramen ovale), in the desperate attempt to see if that was the cause, as she had read it could help some people. Not surprisingly, Janet also suffered from stress and anxiety.


Janet Winter Breathing RemediesThis was all before she found out about Buteyko, and immediately visited a local practitioner who taught how to breathe using the Buteyko method, which did successfully bring her own symptoms under control. Janet was inspired to become a practitioner herself, learning to teach others on a training course in Glasgow. Buteyko is a natural, drug free method used to reduce and normalise breathing, ensuring it is directed through the nose when inhaling and exhaling - even for top performing sportspeople.


Janet gave an alarming statistic that before the 2nd World War average volume of air inhaled was between 4 and 6 Litres per min, whilst today that average volume of air inhaled is around 12 Litres per min. This over breathing or hyperventilation, says Janet, can result in a reduction of oxygen getting into your body's tissues, contrary to popular notions that the more you breathe or pant, the more oxygen you make available to your body.


The Buteyko breathing method has only recently become known in the UK, but is not yet widely known about and although GPs are busy people they should be made aware that it is included in the Asthma Guidelines - click on this info for medical professionals link for more details. Janet offers five day courses which consist of one and a half hour sessions on 5 consecutive days, and she usually sees progress after a few days. Her clients have ranged from as young as nine, to seventy years old, though treatment can start from as young as 4 years old.


Janet wanted to emphasise that her training deals with the physiological response to stress. Stress can be either physical such as ill health or injury, or emotional such as a bereavement, financial wories or exams. The body responds in the same way to these 'threats', that is by over breathing, and this can become chronic so that the person still has symptoms when the stress is over. Symptoms can be wide ranging and seemingly unrelated, from wheezing to headaches to constipation, cold hands, dizziness, inability to concentrate, poor sleep and fatigue.


Janet Winter Buteyko PractitionerIn order to ensure the Buteyko breathing method gets a wider hearing, Janet sees part of her task as raising awareness in a variety of arenas - writing to GPs, pharmacies, and in even had a stall at the One World Festival in New Mills. Her stall proved extremely busy throughout the day and she found it rewarding to see people so interested in what she does and wanting to know more about Buteyko. She found this to be a great help and thinks this will have encouraged people to go to her in the future.

Janet is living proof that Buteyko works, and can help give people a better life. Also, during our visit Danielle was suffering from a cold and blocked nose, Janet told her to hold her breath and nose and nod her head up and down twenty times. This really helped Danielle and immediately cleared her nose - a small glimpse of what Janet can do for you!


Simon Belt, a web and computer support consultant, who the school students were gaining work experience with thought that over breathing may help explain England's poor performance in the World Cup, but Janet didn't get drawn into that.

To learn more about Janet's services, click on this Breathing Remedies link.

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