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New Mills School to Business Golf Challenge - July 2011

- developing the business skills of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs -  

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School students at New Mills Business and Enterprise College will be offering local businesses some opportunities to market their business, culminating in a golf challenge at New Mills Golf Club now in an afternoon in July 2011 - school students and businesses interested please enter here..



New Mills School is a Business and Enterprise College, taking on the challenge of not only educating young people from the New Mills area in core subjects but also developing the business skills of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. The school is very keen for their students to engage with local businesses and apply their developing skills to real world experiences – from marketing to improving the way businesses organise themselves, and hopefully learning new skills in the process.

Simon Belt addressing New Mills Business NetworkNew Mills School is embarking on a plan to get more businesses in and around New Mills listed in a free online business directory – – showing details of what each business can offer by way of products and services, and contact details for potential and returning customers. As well as offering help with creating and maintaining business listings, the school students are looking to help the marketing strategy of local businesses with the publication of interesting, topical and advertorial style online content. The aim is to have at least a dozen school students pairing up with a dozen or more local business for a mutually beneficial arrangement.

The golf challenge in JUly 2011 should be seen as the cementing of a relationship developed between the school students and local businesses. The relationship should have involved some analysis of the business and creation of some online content representing that business – ideally a directory listing and a promotional article. The golf challenge should be seen as a way of continuing the relationship within a more informal environment, though with a competitive element to it, and hopefully tease out some of the wider aspects of the world of work for students preparing for work placements, further education and training.

New Mills School

The New Mills School will contribute to the event by managing the organisation of it, which involves:

·         selecting school students to play in the golf challenge (with accurate handicaps)

·         managing the selection of local businesses to involve (same number as students)

·         preparing and checking all online content for those businesses

·         manage communications with local businesses and reps for golf challenge

·         liaise with New Mills Golf Club for organisation of Golf Challenge

·         management of Golf Challenge competition in July 2011

New Mills School will benefit by increasing its engagement opportunities with local business through school students dealing with a practical example of real world business activities – directory listing, online article development, media coverage, networking and work placement opportunities identified.

The school side of things will be organised or co-ordinated by:

·         Peter Wells - Careers Co-ordinator, Marketing and Work Experience, New Mills School Business & Enterprise College, Church Lane, New Mills, High Peak, SK22 4NR. T: 01663 743284 Option 2, F: 01663 749721.

·         Carol Sumner - Business Studies at New Mills School.

·         Ian Hamilton - Head of PE at New Mills School.

School Students

The school students identified by the school as willing and able to deal with the business assessment and play in the Golf Challenge will develop some online content to promote their selected business prior to the Golf Challenge in 21 July 2011. Ideally, the business selected to assess and promote will be in a business sector the student is looking to move into for a work placement and future career, but there may be selection limitations due to the fact that businesses involved will be local based.

School students will benefit from having a real world practical example to assess what their selected business does and work out with them how best to market them online – through a minimum of a directory listing on, progressing to the development of some other interesting, topical and advertorial style online content including articles on the same site.

In July 2011, each school student will pair up with another student and play in a four-ball competition against representatives from the local businesses they’ve prepared a business listing and other online promotional material for. The students can then use this more informal networking format to try and establish a wider sense of the world of business more generally and specifically in their currently preferred sector. Skills learned will include analysing businesses, marketing them, interacting and networking with business people locally.

The school student team selection including confirmation of handicap status will be managed by a core team of school students organised by the school.

There is the potential for School students to use the Golf Challenge to gain sponsorship for non-related causes like a per hole sponsorship in aid of their preferred charity, or from the businesses they are engaging in the Challenge with.

Local Businesses

Businesses based in or around New Mills and willing to engage in closer relations with New Mills School, can work with a school student interested in their business to develop an online directory listing and some other online marketing materials for them. After this more formal approach to the development of their online marketing, a representative of the business will get to team up with another local business representative to meet the challenge of a game of golf with the students. This more informal networking opportunity will give businesses and students the chance to have a more rounded discussion about the world of work and their chosen business sector in particular.

Local Businesses at New Mills Golf ClubLocal businesses can apply online to be included in the Golf Challenge by clicking here, and this will initiate an approach by the School to see what scope there is for developing the relationship. As part of developing this relationship, additional opportunities may be uncovered including publicity around the development opportunities the business offers young people in the area, which could be co-ordinated with the school for maximum effect. Although this is a small scale initiative, it does crystallise the need for young people to develop their skills alongside the needs for businesses to involve a new generation of employees and entrepreneurs.

As well as working with the school student on their online marketing, local businesses can use this initiative to gain a closer working relationship with the school, and through the Golf Challenge, with other local businesses at the event. Future wok placement opportunities can be developed and refined through engaging actively in the process.

Obviously, not all local businesses who want to participate in the Golf Challenge and process of getting better online exposure for their products and services will have someone who plays golf and is available on the afternoon of Wed 29 September in their employment, so it is possible for them to be involved by putting a representative of their business for the golf challenge whilst engaging the school students for the marketing of their business directly. Whoever plays as a representative of the business must have a valid handicap.

A final aspect of the Golf Challenge in terms of marketing is for local based businesses to consider the sponsorship of one of the holes at the New Mills Golf Club where they would be able to have a physical advert all year round on the tee of their sponsored hole. The sponsorship of a hole now comes with an online advert from the Golf Club’s website, their own assessment of the hole they sponsor alongside the Professional’s assessment, and also a corporate hospitality package to play some rounds of golf with guests for free – see

New Mills Golf Club

The New Mills Golf Club hosts a wonderful 18-hole course situated on top of the northerly hill above the town of New Mills and has stunning views of Kinder Scout and Derbyshire to the South and East, and panoramic views across Manchester and Cheshire to North Wales to the North and West. There are quite a few New Mills Golf Club junior members from New Mills School, so between the school students and local business representatives, there should be at least one player in each four-ball who is familiar with the course to guide others around the course and highlight the obstacles.

The club prides itself on its friendly and welcoming character, is very happy to host the New Mills School to Business Golf Challenge and in all matters on the day of the competition. The club professional is Carl Cross and can be contacted on (01663) 746161 for any pre-match lessons or familiarisation rounds players may feel the need to embark on. Carl will be happy to help with any additional information or photo opportunities if it would help local businesses maximise any advance marketing publicity around the Challenge, especially sponsorship of any of the holes.

The New Mills Golf Club also has a newly extended and comfortable clubhouse and so some light food will be available in there for all players at the end of the 18 holes. This will also allow for the students and business representatives to network with those they didn’t play in the four-ball with and assess the day’s golf. A representative from New Mills School will make the formal announcement in the new clubhouse of which group, students or business representatives, won overall and from that group which individual performed the best to receive the winner’s award.

The Club ask that recognised golf shoes are won on the course, but not in the clubhouse, and that denim jeans are not allowed on the course but are allowed in the clubhouse. All local rules for the Club are available at the New Mills Golf Club website.

The Golf Challenge

Although the day will be a chance for school students and local business people to engage, the format will be a competition and here’s how it’ll work:

·         Each four-ball to have at least one person who’s played the course before

·         Each four-ball to have 2 school students vs 2 local business representatives

·         Each school student to have helped a local business with some online marketing

·         All players to have a valid handicap

·         Competition to be scored a pair vs pair, hole by hole basis using ¾ handicap rules

·         Winners of each four-ball competition aggregated to determine overall group winner

·         Best individual performance from overall winning group accepts award on behalf of group

The award will be £1 from each player’s fee to be spent in the Club’s Pro shop. Additional awards can be made by local businesses on an ad-hoc basis.

Fees for the Golf Challenge event for each player:

·         Existing New Mills Golf Club members will pay £4 (£1 prize money and £3 for food)

·         Non-member school students will pay £9 (£5 course fee, £1 prize money and £3 for food)

·         Existing Member business representatives will pay £5 (£1 prize money and £4 for food)

·         Non-member business representatives will pay £15 (£10 course fee, £1 prize money and £4 for food)

Payment of all fees must be made in advance of playing in the Challenge.

Apply for the School to Business Golf Challenge here. 

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