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Local business woman supports Migraine Awareness Week 5 -11 September 2010

Local business woman supports Migraine Awareness WeekSunday 5th September to Saturday 11th September.

In the UK alone, there are more people with migraine than with diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined. Organised by the charity Migraine Action, Migraine Awareness Week aims to raise awareness of this much-misunderstood condition and encourage those affected to seek information and advice to help manage their migraine.

Claiming to have a migraine has become one of the most popular excuses for “pulling a sickie” from work. The 15% of workers who admitted to faking migraines to get a day off put real migraineurs in a difficult position. Some migraineurs admit to worrying that they will not be believed if they need to phone in sick. Over 6 million of us suffer, however, with a resulting loss of over 25 million working days. This is estimated to cost the economy well over £1 billion each year.

Migraine is much more than “just a headache”; it affects people of all ages, social classes, racesand cultures. Symptoms include intense throbbing headache, often on one side of the head onlyvisual disturbances (blind spots, distorted vision, flashing lights or zigzag patterns)nausea and / or vomiting and increased sensitivity to light, sounds or smells. And, despite real advances in treatments, around 60% sufferers never consult their G.P. because they mistakenly think that nothing can be done to help them. A migraine attack can last from 4 to 72 hours, with most migraineurs keeping well between attacks.

Non-sufferers often find it extremely difficult to understand how someone can be fine one minute and then totally debilitated the next. Stress Management coach, Frances Taylor, based at the Buxton Osteopathy Clinic, is supporting the Week with her free relaxation podcast. Frances says, “Migraine can be incredibly distressing to experience. It’s often triggered by stress and fatigue. Research shows that learning relaxation techniques is an important part of managing migraine. In my podcast, I provide a simple relaxation exercise that you can use every day. It will benefit anyone who suffers from stress as well as migraine”


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Employers also need to know how to support migraine sufferers in the workplace. For more information, visit the Migraine Action’s website   
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