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Animals like horses, dogs and cats can present profound behavioural problems their owners and carers find very difficult to cope with. These behavioural problems may be the result of stresses caused by neglect, poor treatment or other stresses that are worrying for all those that care for them and especially owners and carers new to the animal. Without being able to correct or normalise the behaviour the animal may become unmanageable or even begin to harm themselves and their owners and carers.


Traditional veterinary techniques and medicine often fail to deal with the behavioural problems that some horses, dogs and cats have. Without a pill or injection to change problematic behaviours it is often impossible for vets or support staff to be able to offer advice on solutions. Reiki is little known in the UK so not usually tried as a way of correcting problematic behaviours.


Reiki with horsesUsing Reiki techniques by a trained individual working with your animals, problematic behaviours can either be removed altogether or minimised so that animal and owners alike can get on with the way animals and humans should work together in harmony. No more scratching, biting and kicking by distressed horses or nervous running away by dogs, but animals calmly working with their owners like nature intended.


With Reiki treatment successfully used to heal distressed animals, owners and carers can enjoy a life working together with their horses, dogs and cats in shows and out in the countryside free from worry. Along with the pleasure and joy of life the animals have, their owners can feel close to working and playing with their horses, dogs and cats.


To help free your animals from their distress and potential harm, arrange a consultation with your local and friendly Reiki specialist by click on this Reiki Consultation link. We can arrange a full assessment visit and get your animals back to living a life by your side, or come with me to see some of the animals I’ve helped as I return to check up on them.

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