Online Tools for Effective eMarketing

Andrew Wearden

Online Tools for Effective eMarketing 

by Andrew Wearden


I gave an informal discussion at the recent New Mills Business Network breakfast event on using blogging technology to streamline online communications by small businesses. Here are links to some of the eMarketing tools and applications we discussed that are specifically designed to help you manage your online time much more effectively, ultimately improving your e-marketing performance.


WordPress is the most important of these tools and I would suggest that everyone consider using WordPress to drive their website or blog. whether self-hosted from or by using the free blogging service at


Twitterfeed will help feed your blog content to Twitter, Facebook and more!


YouTube is an important business tool and the 2nd most popular search engine - host videos for free and then embed them in your site, blog or across your social networks.


Audio is a great medium and Audioboo turns your smart phone into a recording device, allowing you to embed audio in your website and across social networks in no time at all.


With Feedburner you can share your 'blog feed' across the Internet and source quality content for your own website/blog.


Metricly integrates with Google analytics and Social Networks to create your own marketing desktop.


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