Designing marketing material is hard work

Designing Marketing Material Is Hard Work 

Manchester Salon brochure leaflet coverThis article outlines some of the issues experienced by someone involved in facilitating small businesses use technology better to  process of developing website, Email and printed leaflet marketing by Simon Belt

I'd like to share my recent experience in developing some marketing material for the Manchester Salon discussion forum I coordinate. My background is in providing consultancy and support to small businesses looking to use technology better - primarily from desktop devices through networks to servers and onto the internet. Marketing a discussion group is a big step out of my previous comfort zone, and allowed me to test out my newly enhanced business networking and digital marketing skills.


I developed a new website for the Manchester Salon using Joomla, a content management system, which has proved extremmely useful in preapring section and category based content so that articles can be group easily for presentational and collaborative purposes.


Preparing content through the website, applying to brochure leaflet, testing out of people not involved to check language, message, layout and design - design was ultimately the weak point and emphasises the importance of using designers to at least finalise presentational issues.

Manchester Salon brochure leaflet coverImportance of quality photos, fonts, spacing between titles and text, use of colour, structure by separting sections, embedding text in photos.


Photo that was taken on iPhone is passable and a great scene setter but quality is poor so would benefit for professional photographer.

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