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Marketing tips

Reiki for animals - raw content

Reiki for Animals by Susi Henshall

Reiki, Reiki, Reiki – what on earth is it and what does it do?


Before I begin discussing Reiki with animals let me give you a brief explanation of Reiki in general.


The term Reiki is a Japanese word, made up with two syllables

  • Rei  - “God guided and Universal”
  • Ki  -  “Life Force Energy”

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Secrets to making your competitors cry

A great brochure can do wonders for your organisation. Before you start, think about the answers to these questions and your competitors will have something to worry about...

What’s the brochure’s purpose?

Will you be mailing the brochure by itself or as part of a bigger pack? Is it for an exhibition? How will you distribute it?

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Is your branding losing you business?

Trust us, the quality of your branding can mean the difference between success and failure. No matter what size your business is, branding is essential to differentiate yourself from the competition. It’s your personality.

And it needn’t cost the earth. You don’t have to be Coca Cola to have a brand. How you’re perceived will depend on the effort you put into your marketing communication.

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Direct mail

Your best customer just found your competitor. Send shivers running down your spine? Let's face it, if you don't contact your customers regularly, someone else sure will. It's a fact that many businesses lose customers through simple apathy. Not because their service was awful, or their product was terrible. Just because they didn't seem bothered enough to keep in touch. That's sad. Keep your relationship fresh by contacting your customers regularly. Give them exclusive deals, special offers and private sales. All they want is a bit of love and attention.

Take the junk out of your mailing....

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Top marketing tips

Cutting back on marketing?  Think again…  

Well I suppose I would say that! But marketing should never be an activity that is stopped and started depending on available funds. You cannot afford not to market your company, and marketing activity doesn’t have to be expensive. Spend your marketing budget wisely, yes you need a budget, and avoid the peaks and troughs many businesses experience. Meet the credit crunch head on and read our top marketing tips…

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